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Layaway Program


For Blue Blood Doll (BBD) Standard Limited  Edition or Special Limited Edition Dolls

And all of Jie Dolls.



How To Start The Layaway


We offer 3 months layaway for all our dolls. Whenever you are ready to start, please email us on our website (or directly to: medusablueblood@yahoo.com) with the following info:


(1)  Your full name and address.


(2)  Your Paypal address (so we can send you invoice).


(3)  Which doll for layaway.


After we receive your above info, we will send you invoice via Paypal and you can start the layaway by paying the invoice. We will send you invoice for each layaway payment.


The layaway payment is set 1 month apart from the date you pay the invoice. We will send you a receipt upon receiving each of your payment.


*In case we forgot to send you invoice when the payment date is due. You can either contact us and ask for invoice or you can pay the layaway payment directly to our Paypal account at: blueblooddoll@yahoo.com then send an email to notify us after you have made the layaway payment.




How The Layaway Is Calculated


The layaway payment is calculated by adding the price of the doll (with or no faceup/body blushing service) and the shipping then divided by 3.

For example: You live in the US and you want a Silver doll with faceup.

Silver ($410) + Faceup ($50) = ($460).

US Domestic Shipping ($31).

Total is = ($491).

($491) Divided by 3 monthly payment, each payment is = ($164 USD).








If your payment is more than 30 days late and you do not contact us. Your layaway transaction will be voided and all your previous payments will be forfeited. So please contact us in case you are not able to make your monthly layaway payment.




We will charge a 20% restocking fee based on the price of the doll that you have ordered, if you cancel your layaway. We will return the money via PayPal to you after the 20% charge. But we are not responsible for any charge that PayPal might impose to you.


If you have more questions about our layaway program, please leave a message as below. We look forward to hearing form you.